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At home in an apple orchard at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains,
Wendy Burns draws inspiration and materials from the wealth of the
world around her. Wendy’s creations derive from her gardens and the
surrounding woods. They are rooted in the seasons with a gardener’s
respect for local, sustainable materials. They soar with her imagination and experience.

Wendy’s inventive approach welcomes the unexpected and delights in
the whimsical. Natural objects such as lichen, moss, and birds’ nests
combine with elegant floral composition.
Fruits and vegetables convey a sense of fun and fancy…
a spray of carrots within a cabbage container on a formal
white tablecloth. Mossy stumps serve as pedestals for
glorious arrangements. Skillfully hand-tied bouquets are a specialty
that reflects her European training. Unique containers collected and
hand made are a signature that sets her work apart.

Claire Mellinger brings a background in New York style (Fashion Editor,
Harpers Bazaar) and San Francisco catering to Woodmont Designs’
large events. She knows how to “get the show on the road” and do it
with flair! Her creative photography documents Woodmont’s designs.

Woodmont Designs offers floral enhancement for weddings,
private parties, corporate functions, fundraising events, as well as
unique bouquets that speak the language only nature can.

flowers & pumpkin arrangement  
flower pots